Steve Heller & Associates. LLC

"From our very first session I found Steve to be professional, engaging and knowledgeable. As a coach, Steve possesses a great combination of listening skills, experience, intuition and insight. Steve listens deeply, asks penetrating questions and motivates you to improve both your strengths and weaknesses."

-Director, Verizon Business

"What is it that I expect and am not willing to compromise in a trusted advisory relationship? Intelligence. Authenticity. Courage. And a genuinely caring heart. Steve Heller is one of those rare, not only professionals, but also, human beings. Any organization working with Steve Heller can simply count on receiving impeccable professionalism, competence, and dedication... He is a true servant leader... He will bring a calm, steady, and grounded presence, intelligence, and kindness to any group of which he is a part... (Steve is) someone whom I trust completely in terms of intelligence, experience, competence, and dedication... We are lucky to have such a world-class coach close to us."

-Director, A.R.Z.U International

"Throughout our work together, I found Steve to be fully committed to my goals and aspirations, and to my personal success. He served as an extremely valuable resource for me, providing the absolute blend of support and challenge, inspiring and motivating me, and helping me to find innovative approaches to the issues."

-Candidate for US Congress, Florida District 24

"Steve has armed me with the tools to be more confident in my position, the tools to manage my boss, and the tools to manage my people. Steve's approach makes me feel very comfortable discussing my concerns and challenges with my position... Steve has revitalized my drive and determination to be successful for myself and the company... Steve's approach, professionalism and enthusiasm as a coach makes me proud to recommend him."

-Vice President, Government Sales, TeleCommunication Systems, Inc.

"Steve is a kind and approachable person and (his participation has been) key... at our Board discussions. Steve is able to listen deeply. From large amounts of verbiage, he intuitively extracts the most salient points and re-articulates them. He then facilitates a re-framing of the conversation from which actionable possibilities become readily apparent to all. It's fun and inspiring to work with him."

-Vice President for Educational Programming, The Sulam School

"We began this coaching work at a time of significant change in my work and organization. Working with Steve during this time has been very helpful to me in clarifying my own and my organization's priorities to guide that process. During our work, I have appreciated Steve's ready access to individual and organizational development resources, combined with his own personal experiences in a variety of work settings."

-Chief Operating Officer