Steve Heller & Associates. LLC

Through leadership and executive coaching, I assist my clients in achieving outstanding results in the following domains:

Leadership effectiveness, in the areas of

  • motivating others
  • strategic thinking
  • communication, presence, influence
  • managing interpersonal relationships
  • managing complexity, polarity, ambiguity

Whole-person congruence (work-life balance, values consistency, mind-body-emotion equilibrium)

Navigating unanticipated consequences of organizational change

My clients are individual contributors, Managers, Directors, Executive Directors, Vice Presidents, and C-level executives. They are corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, public servants, educators, non-profit executives, coaching students and established coaches. And they represent a diversity of business functions (Corporate Management, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations, IT), nationalities (American, British, Swiss, German, Italian, French), genders, and ethnicities.